Our Programs



La La Land is a Kind Cafe, our program employs special needs, and aging out foster care youth. Through our paid internship program, we give our youth the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to strive in the working world.  

La La Land is a training ground for aging out foster youth. At La La Land they will learn the basic the fundamentals of job skills. Timeliness, cleanliness, customer relations, productivity, and teamwork. All interns will be required to complete their 100 hour on the job paid internship, and complete 20 hours of curriculum. When all hours and courses are completed, interns will be “La La Certified”, and placed into a career job in desired field. We believe in placing our youth in jobs that are career setting, where they can grow and prosper.


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We place our foster youth at La La Land so that they may earn job experience, build meaningful relationships, learn how to work with others, and add an impressive line on their resume. La La Land serves as a precursor to their real, first step towards a meaningful and fulfilling career.

At La La Land, our foster youth work alongside special needs individuals as one family-oriented work place. Side by side, the La La Squad create a welcoming space where everyone can feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.


At La La Land, we believe that every person should have the chance to work and earn money at a job that's both fun and fulfilling—regardless of whether or not they are differently abled or have learning disabilities.

Our La La Squad works hard to ensure that we only serve the best products and customer service, all the while providing a warm, welcoming space.